Waterfalls, Ponds and Water Features:

Slide-2--custom-designed-waterfallFor this client, we designed an entire backyard renovation, including new swimming pool finished with a custom Tennessee boulder mortared waterfall attached to the swimming pool. We also constructed multi-level natural stone patios. There was low voltage landscape lighting throughout the tropically landscaped backyard.

(Even though it looks like a picture from a magazine, this picture on the right is actually one of our client’s completed projects.)

Faster is not better. In the beginning, we tried using several “kit type” waterfall products, and they do have their place. However, at Backyard Builders, we have been determined to create our unique way of building waterfalls, and we continue to get the long-term results our clients expect and deserve.

We have learned from our experiences, and gleaned from the best of the “kit” world, and from our roots; in good old mortar and stone. Our continued goal is to create waterfalls that will be around and functioning for a lifetime.

Here are a few examples of the Water Features we’ve completed:

Add a natural feel to your Pool, Lanai or Landscaping with a Custom Water Feature